When I Fail

When I Fail, my goals…

Are wishy washy. They’re shoulds, not musts.

Do not take into account where my current reality resides. There’s a fear of being brutally honest so instead of action, procrastination.

Are fantasys. I dream of this nirvana end point but not the daily process required to get there.

Have no plan. When I would write out my weekly goals I wouldn’t create the daily action plan to get there.

Require no accountability.

By knowing what’s WRONG you can course correct in the RIGHT direction.

Ask yourself:

What’s holding you back?

Why are you failing?

How can you achieve your goals?

Think, Reflect, Decide, then ACT.

PS: There’s a happy ending to this story. I wrote this months ago as an impetus for an honest life evaluation. In the coming weeks we’ll dive deeper into the change process, goal setting, stories of habit and life changes I’ve made, and how you too can finally make the changes you’ve been putting off for years.

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