How Introverts Recharge

Have you ever felt worn down?

You are exhausted and feel like you are running on fumes.

We all feel that from time to time if we’re neglecting our sleep or nutrition, but if you’re an introvert you’ll know this specific feeling.

A need to get away.

A nagging annoyance that doesn’t fade.

Your mind won’t sit still.

You can’t find that centered peace.

Extraverts can’t understand the strain we feel when we’re inundated with constant stimulation. Lights, noise, people, conversation… And it’s only getting worse with the ubiquity of smart phones and open office layouts.

As an introvert in an extraverted American culture, we must find ways to recharge our batteries. Our extraverted friends and families mean well but they can’t help us. We must take matters into our own hands.


First things first: if you are drained by constant stimulation, if you crave time alone with your thoughts, if you don’t mind a quiet night reading a book, you may be an introvert.

If you’ve never studied these ideas but believe you may be an introvert, I highly recommend reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain. This book will help you understand your introverted needs and tendencies and to realize you’re not alone in our extraverted society.

But in order to help right now, here’s my number one tip that will do wonders when you’re feeling drained.


The best method I’ve found for recharging my introverted batteries has been a silent walk.

A silent walk means going for a walk in nature or the city with no headphones and your phone off. You are walking alone only with your thoughts.

A couple years ago I spent several months traveling through Asia. After a month in Vietnam, I traveled to Thailand.

When I first arrived in Thailand I felt uneasy, on edge, lacking energy, that introversion drain. Too much traveling and stimulation had worn me down.

I sat in my AirBNB by Sukhumvit with little energy. But instead of sulking I decided to explore.

I went for a walk.

A long walk.

I walked without a destination, without headphones in my ears. Only myself, my thoughts, and the Bangkok chaos. I walked for hours in the evening heat.

Arriving back to the AirBNB in the late evening, my feet were sore and I couldn’t wait to lay down. But that slog I had been experiencing, the introverted drain, had disappeared.

After a restful sleep I woke up the following day with a newfound excitement and energy.

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