The Happiness Formula

Can Happiness be attributed to fleeting pleasures, attainment of goals, or something else? How can we be more happy in our day to day lives? Jonathan Haidt, in his book The Happiness Hypothesis, attempts to answer these questions and more using ideas from psychology, neurology, and ancient wisdom. One particularly valuable idea is The Happiness …

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When I Fail

When I Fail, my goals… Are wishy washy. They’re shoulds, not musts. Do not take into account where my current reality resides. There’s a fear of being brutally honest so instead of action, procrastination. Are fantasys. I dream of this nirvana end point but not the daily process required to get there. Have no plan. …

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A New Beginning

The cool evening breeze soothes your skin after a day in the tropical heat. You look around at the couple’s laughing, the friends joking, the lonely girl sipping on her coffee. You envy them but you must work. Your mind considers beginning… New beginnings. They happen every day, every moment. And yet the first step …

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